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Real People Who Have Added Years To Their Lives And Life To Their Years

Here is what people are saying about natural healing methods and diet.

Angela talks about how Dr Afrika has helped her. TA talks about healthy eating. Burly tells her story about Dr. Afrika helping her.

Below are just some people whose lives have changed because of Dr. Afrika's medical advice and guidance.

Heart disease cured!
"I had heart palpitations and murmurs for years. Many doctors told me I had no hope for recovery. I met Dr. Africa, he put me on a program that not only got rid of my heart problems but also got rid of my diabetes. It has been three years now; I have had no recurring problems of either disease."
- Mary Graham, Philadelphia, PA

My diabetes is gone!
"I was diagnosed with diabetes in 1999. I was shocked because I am not over weight and thought I ate correctly. I listened to Dr. Africa’s CD on diabetes, got the herbs he recommended, and have had no symptoms of the disease since."
- T.A. Elamin, Grand Rapids, MI.

Dr. Afrika made me a healthier person!
"I really love the teachings of Dr. Afrika; he has made a dent in my life. I've been a vegetarian for over 16 years but was still slipping in other areas of my life, and it wasn't until I countered this course and was blessed by the teaching that it gave me a more realistic viewpoint on life and how I needed to change some things in my immediately diet to be healthier and more in sync with my body."
- J. Toliver, Los Angeles, CA.

I am healthy again, life is good!
"Life is good, and thanks to the lectures of Dr. Afrika I have been able to monitor and make educated, intelligent decisions regarding my own health and healing. I was experiencing symptom of a bladder infection. I used the multi-stix to test my urine and noted some elevated readings. I researched the element on the Internet and was able to find an herbal solution. Within a few days my test results came more in line with normal readings and my symptoms were gone. Dr. Afrika's lectures have also helped me to intelligently discuss medical options with my physician during my annual physical. I am more confident to say the lease. I am very, very grateful to him and happy that I attended the sessions. Thank you."
- I. Brandon, Dallas, TX

Dr. Afrika taught me how to easily test my own health!
"My name is Ernest Anderson. I am 24 years old, and I am studying applied mathematics at San Francisco State University. Being one of the first in my family to attend college has given me a strong sense of self-character and self-preservation. From attending the Holistic Health course lectured by Dr. Afrika I've become more health conscious and now I know how to prevent disease. My influence has even rubbed on to my roommates, my close friends and family. Regularly I give ph test and multistix analysis to close friends and family members, as well as myself.

I encourage my family to shop at farmers market for fresh produce. I'm able to identify which vitamins and minerals are in what foods, and which ingredients in foods are harmful.

I'm aware how specific my dietary needs are in comparison to other people, and I’m able to share the knowledge with my close friends so they can find their special dietary needs.

My uncle likes to drink cognac so much that he started getting gout. I gave him a comprehensive test based on all the stuff I learned from the course. My uncle was so shocked to hear me not only telling him the same stuff his doctor told him (to drink cherry juice) but also to tell him extra stuff his doctor couldn't tell him. After that my uncle who I never in all my years seen drink juice without alcohol mixed with it, actually was motivated to take all the children along to farmers market on a sunny Saturday morning in Long Beach California, and reclaim good health for his family.

I made medical astrology charts for my mama, sister, uncle, girlfriend, and close friends. Most people were amazed to see how accurate this results were, and how old African medicine goes back in time.

So I encourage everyone who loves his or her self to really take the course. It's life changing."
- Ernest Anderson, Washington, DC.