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Fibroid Tumors and Prostate Cancer

Prostate Disease: Cause and Cure

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All of these diseases can be treated holistically.

A Natural Holistic Health Treatments For Prostate And Fibroid Disease Is The Answer

Prostate Problems

The prostate is partly muscle and gland. It is about he size of a walnut with a donut shape. It is directly underneath the bladder and surrounds the tube (urethra) that allows urine to flow out of the bladder and pass out through the penis. The prostrate secretes a thin cloudy alkaline fluid that helps make up seminal fluid. The muscular contractions of the prostate squeeze the prostatic fluids and help mix it with semen and sperm. The muscles help to ejaculate. There are many types of prostate diseases and many factors that can cause prostate problems. Drugs (legal and illegal) harm it.

Prostatic Hypertrophy is enlargement of the prostate. It can slow down, interrupt, block, or stop the flow of urine as well as cause urine to stay in the bladder too long, resulting in infections and/or inflammation. This can lead to kidney disease and destroy the kidney.

Prostatitis is the inflammation of the prostate. Disease can directly and indirectly affect the prostate such as Sugar Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Rheumatism, Arthritis, Varicose Veins, as and Hypoglycemia, which damages prostate nerves.

Infertility is rising, as twenty-five percent of married couples cannot have children. The sperm count was 120 million per millimeter in 1938 and dropped to 20 million per millimeter in 1991. It has been steadily decreasing each year. Imbalanced hormone levels (estrogen, progesterone and testosterone) can result in decreased sperm counts. Excess estrogen in non-organic foods lowers the progesterone and testosterone level, which lowers the sperm count and deteriorates the prostate.

There are early warnings of prostate problems. Premature baldness and/or ejaculation can indicate weakness and/or deterioration of the prostate. Young boys dribble urine after it stops flowing and often leave urine stains in their underwear. This may be indicating the beginning of prostate problems. Men that need to shake their penis several times because urine dribbles after urination stops may have the onset of problems. Usually, early warnings are ignored until the male reaches middle age and has an enlarged prostate, cancer of the prostate or infertility.

The prostate is harmed by white sugar, alcohol, vinegar, salt, processed foods, the toxic synthetic chemicals in commercial deodorants, colognes, cough suppressants and allergy remedies. They enter the blood and prostate. They cause cellular waste to be suppressed (kept) in the prostate and alter normal function. It is best to use natural products purchased from health food stores. Sexual intercourse with ejaculation causes the same nutrients’ energy loss as running 20 miles. A lifestyle with junk foods and excessive sex without nutritional supplementation and prostate herbs will eventually destroy the prostate.


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