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Free Yourself From Arthritis

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All of these diseases can be treated holistically.

You Can Overcome Arthritis Naturally Without Drugs Or Surgery

Dr. Robert Bingham

No Medicine Can Cure Arthritis

“The body must learn to heal itself”

Dr. Robert Bingham of was a world renowned Orthopedic surgeon who operated on arthritics patients for years until he discovered he could reverse the symptoms of arthritis without drugs or surgeries. He cured thousands of patients using only an herbal supplements and an all-natural vaccine.

There are no known causes or cures for arthritis. This is the position of the medical community. This statement is totally untrue and very disturbing. The fact is, arthritis is a $6,000,000,000 a year industry. The medical community derives great profits for its arthritis treatments.

The Arthritis Foundation, for example, has collected millions of dollars on the pretext of finding a cure for arthritis. To this date, not one single cure has been found for any type of arthritis.

The bottom line is, it would not be good to eliminate arthritis ($6,000,000,000) from the American economy. Next to cancer, this dreadful disease is the worse disease a person can have. The medical community has resigned itself to the fact that Arthritis is an autoimmune disease. My colleagues and I say that this a “cop-out." When doctors cannot find any other explanation for a disease, they call it an autoimmune disease. We believe it is impossible for the body to be immune to itself.
- Dr. Robert Bingham, Orthopedic Surgeon


The food and drug industries relentlessly use television, radio, newspapers, magazines and other media in their pursuit of our dollars.

The large manufacturers of fast foods, cereals, cookies, pizza, beer and wine, and other processed foods send messages 24/7 to get the dollars out of our pockets and into theirs. They put profit before your health. Arthritis is a disease reaction and a symptom of a disease. It is an inflammation caused by crystallized toxic waste from a diet of constipating foods and/or synthetic chemicals that reduce moisture in the joints and cause waste deposits in the joints. The presence of arthritis can mean that the body is not dissolving and flushing out toxins or minerals. The waste deposits can collect and congest in the tissues and muscles. The body immobilizes (stops) any part of the body that needs repairs. For example, a sprained wrist becomes stiff and a strained muscle becomes stiff (called nature's cast). An injured part of the body remains sore or stiff until it is repaired. If repairs are not made then that part becomes permanently stiff (calcified) or immobilized. The crystallized waste in impaired or immobilized joints and/or tissue can rub against each other causing inflammation. Arthritis is inflammation caused by waste in the bone joints while rheumatism is waste in the muscles. The body uses heat (inflammation) to increase circulation, kill bacteria and bring healing nutrients to arthritic areas. Conventional drugs ultimately make arthritis worse and destroy the body!