African Holistic Health


Discover how to extend your life and/or recover from disease without drugs or surgery. Learn to live a balanced, healthy and full life. African holistic health means to be healthy in mind, body and spirit. African Holistic Health, which targets the specific melanin dominant, biochemical needs of Black people, has been a lost science for the last 500 years. Holistic health targets the needs for less melanin-dominated people. The statement “We are all the same” is false and misleading. Different races require different biochemical needs.


By Dr. William P. Odom
Astounding health and nutritional differences found between certain African tribes with totally different diets.

During a visit to Eastern and central Africa in 1982, Dr. Robert Odom and Dr. J H. Mick made two safaris covering about 3000 miles. They found astounding health and nutritional differences between certain tribes. They compared the diets of Massais in Kenya and the Pigmies in the Belgian Congo. Their eating habits were diametrically opposite. Their health was also a great difference in the health and life expectancy.

The Massai:

The Massai were found to be tall, strong, arrogant, very intelligent, excellent speakers, very shrew business people and very independent. Most are well over six feet tall (men and women), have good postures, and firm abdominal muscles. There was not one single person with a protrusion (“pot gut”). Their teeth were prominent, with sharp cusps set in well-developed jaws. There were no signs of cavities or tooth decay. Their arms, legs and abdomens were muscular. Even the elders were strong and agile. Many lived well over a 110 with little or no disease.

Their diet:

Their diet was very simple. They ate lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. They did brew a form of alcohol consisting of grains and honey which they allow to ferment. They consume a form of alcohol somewhat like beer. It consists of Ground maize or millet and white flour mixed with bananas and water, which were allowed to ferment.

The Pigmies:

The pigmies were only about 3 1/2 feet tall. Most have protruding stomachs. The Pigmy destroys a lot of the vital elements in his food by overcooking it. Some had good teeth and some had many cavities. They also seemed to have a thyroid deficiency called “Yaws.” In many respects it resembles syphilis but usually leaves the legs warped like rickets. They do not eat ripe fruit. The Pigmy matures early, grows old rapidly and rarely lives beyond forty years.


Gullahs (African descendents) were first purchased by slave-owners for medical, biological technological skills as metal workers, agricultural experts, barrel makers, bricklayers, swamp fishermen, cotton quilt weavers (quilted without stitching), and for other needed skill, such as herdsmen, deep sea divers, herbalists and chemists.

Africans are the people who started the science of nutrition.
Africans are the people who started the science of nutrition: “How to put foods together.” Example: You should not combine fruits and vegetables. Don’t combine meat and cheese, or milk and whole grains foods, Jelly and bread, just to name a few. Sweet fruits don’t combine with anything but sweet fruits. Milk does not combine with anything in nature.


The first contemporary doctors (MD’s) in America were Gullah women. Gullah’s is a title created by whites and given to Africans that lived near the sea and rivers. The Gullah area includes Tidewater, Virginia, parts of the Chesapeake Bay, and extends 50 miles inland, continuing down the east coast to Mayport, Florida. The titles Gullah, Trinidadian, Jamaican, Puerto Rican, Latino, Creole, etc., were created by whites to keep Africans mistrustful and divided form each other. The Gullah were forcefully brought to the Sea Islands because the Europeans were without resources, land, labor, and the technology needed to build their wealth, empires and American colonies. The Gullah captives possessed skills in agriculture, science, military science, tool making, bookkeeping, cabinet making, furniture making, construction, banking, government, teaching, and most of all, they had 10,000 years of culture in the most developed civilization in the world – that of Africa. It is the African technology that produced European and American wealth.

One of the reasons why African Holistic Health remedies have not been utilized is because it was illegal for Euro-American doctors and drug stores to use African trained Gullah doctors in their practices. Midwives were actually the ones who latterly practice medicine on the families.